Sewer & Water

20161010_123107_1486670245465With over 85 years of combined experience in the Sewer and Water Industry, Onsite Concrete and Restoration, Inc. is well qualified to solve and or design any type utilities needs you may have. We are licensed and bonded as a Sewer and Water Contractor with the City of Denver and throughout the front range of Colorado. Our service technicians are licensed drain layer supervisors and water service supervisors with the City of Denver as well as the front range municipalities.

Services Offered

24-hour live telephone response (Weekends and Holidays included)

Free Estimate

Sewer service root cleaning

Video inspection of your sewer service

Sewer service spot repairs and or complete replacement

New sewer service installation

Water service spot repairs and or replacement

New water service installation

Excavation Division

Free estimate

Excavation for home additions

Excavation for new garages

Excavation for site prep (clear and grub)

Removal of sod, bushes, vegetation and trash

Removal of existing soils

Fine grading

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